768x768mm LED Cabinet


  • Ultra-light : lighter 40% than aluminum die-csting cabinet
  • Super slim : high-strength,more slim than aluminum in the design,thiner around 30%
  • Fast cooling : wxcellent heat dissipation perormance to protet the modular circuit
  • Anti-interference : special anti electromagnetic interference function
  • High strength : support the weight of 300kg through tension test,more strength than aluminum
  • Easy installation : installed by quick lock for 20s only
  • High precision : seamless splicing though CNC machining
  • High universality : can be processed according to module drawing,used for outdoor and indoor
  • Easy maintenance : can be maintained form front side
  • High cost-effective : large-scale production,complete production & supply chain
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768*768mm LED cabinet
Model 768*768
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 768*768*70(mm)
Weight 2.2kg
Module P3,P4,P6,P8,P16
Module Size(mm) 256*128,192*192
Meterial Magnesium alloy
Included Accessories Fast locks, handles, system/power installation plate,connection piece
Color Black
Working Environment Indoor /Outdoor
Installation Lifting, fixed installation

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