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MODEL DC5V/10A DC5V/20A DC5V/30A DC5V/40A DC5V/60A
OUTPUT DC OUTPUT 5V±0.2 5V±0.2 5V±0.2 5V±0.2 5V±0.2
Two ways of output current 10A 20A / 2A 30A / 2A 40A / 2A 60A / 2A
Current Range Note 1 0 ~ 10A 0 ~ 20A 0 ~ 30A 0 ~ 40A 0 ~ 60A
Pipple and noice 100mVpp max
Voltage set point accuracy ±3.0%Vo max
Over-current protection >120%o,hiccup
Line Regulation 0.2%Vo max
Load Regulation 0.2%Vo max
Short-circuit protection Hccup
Hold up time >8mS
Transient response 100mA max
Overshoot and Undershoot <±5.0%
INPUT Voltage Range DC9-36V
Frequency Range BW=20MHz
Efficiency 97%
DC Current <2.9A
Inrush Current 100A@DC Cold Start
LEAKAGE Current Input_Oouput <0.2mA Input-PG <0.3mA
Safety EMC Note Safety Standards CE
Withstand Voltage DC40V
Environmental MTBF >2 million hrs
Temperate coefficient <±0.02%/C
Storage temperature range (-55C to 115C)
Crossing board temperature range (-30C to 75C)

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